Marcel Reid

Marcel Reid, ACORN 8 / Whistleblower Liaison for the Pacifica Foundation. Marcel Reid has had a significant impact over the last decade in grassroots community organizing, the whistleblowing community, and a national media foundation. Her efforts have resulted in major policy changes. As a National Director, Chair of DC ACORN and one of a three-member Interim Management Committee (IMC) to reorganize ACORN after the discovery of a major embezzlement, Marcel came face to face with the difficulties in reporting corruption. This was her first exposure to fighting entrenched corruption and her introduction to the whistleblower community. Later, Marcel was elected to the National Board of Directors for Pacifica Radio. In that position, she introduced a motion to have Pacifica support whistleblowers. Making them the first national media organization to incorporate whistleblower protection into their platform. After the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA) passed in 2012, Pacifica’s steadfast support of whistleblowers was credited by many in the whistleblowing community as helping to reinvigorate the WPEA campaign after over a decade of unsuccessful attempts.
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