Nicholas Buggs

Nicholas Buggs, Co-Founder, Bonsai Creative/Co-Host The MAKE IT Podcast. Nicholas Buggs is an Executive and Advisory Producer specializing in independent films. As Co-Founder of Bonsai Creative Enterprises (Bonsai Creative), Nicholas has successfully leveraged a background in Management Consulting, Product Development, Project Management, and Strategic Planning to develop and implement strategic approaches to maximizing the potential in independent film projects. Considering himself a "catalyst for creatives," Nicholas works alongside his business partner and best friend Christopher Barkley to help filmmakers eliminate the obstacles to bringing great stories to life. Since 2014, Nick and Chris have earned film credits on three award-winning films that have all made their way to distribution. As Bonsai Creative, Chris and Nick now set their sights on changing the game for filmmakers by providing actionable insights that lead them on the path to success. Nicholas holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering, where he also studied Communications, Management of Technology, and Mathematics.
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