11th Annual Event Honors the 60th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination

Kelly A Adkins
June 22, 2023

History repeats itself in society, and it does the same at the Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival. This year’s 11th annual event theme honors the 60th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination and the films, speakers and panel presentations may reflect this idea. 

The Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival prides itself in breathing life and relevancy to truth; by this logic, the anniversary of the former president’s death deserves similar recognition and relevancy. 

Abraham Bolden, former United States Secret Service agent assigned to the Presidential Protective Division, appointed by John F. Kennedy in 1961, will participate and discuss the modern day impact and recount his own experiences as a whistleblower.

“We are excited to recognize Abraham Bolden (African American) an important JFK Secret

Service Agent turned whistleblower at this year’s summit,” said Andrew Kreig, executive director for the Justice Integrity Project. 

McCray, co-founder and managing festival director, hopes the festival will continue to draw attention to whistleblowers, their powerful stories and their tremendous bravery.

“No more fattening frogs for snakes,” McCray says. “It’s time to take back our empowerment.”

Read the full press release of this year’s summit and film festival, here. 

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