Investigative Journalism To Take Center Stage at the WSFF 2024

Cesareo Manansala
May 29, 2024

“The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.”
-Ida B. Wells, Investigative Journalist, Civil Rights Leader

“I think all good reporting is the same thing - the best attainable version of the truth.”
-Carl Bernstein, investigative journalist, The Washington Post

Every year, the Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival showcases a special theme to explore different modes of whistleblowing in order to further broaden our audiences’ minds to many specific causes. It is with these themes and their specific films that have helped generate audience interest towards our uniquely-niched film festival event year after year. The theme of the 12th annual WSFF is “Media That Matters”, which explores Investigative Journalism. We will showcase the efforts of courageous whistleblowers and determined journalists who work to expose injustices in our society. Join us from July 27 to August 4, 2024! Helping to present this year’s film festival event is ACORN 8 and Haydenfilms Institute. 

For 12 years, WSFF invites filmmakers to submit their works in relation to all things whistleblowing. We particularly look for submissions that honor and champion whistleblowers, defend the First Amendment, or delve into such crucial human rights issues as the freedom of expression, women’s rights, discrimination, and many others. Submissions are open via FilmFreeway until May 31st, 2024. To submit your work, please visit

The annual Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival is a cinematic occasion unlike any other: we are a whistleblower event for whistleblowers, BY whistleblowers. Our event, which is based in the heart of Washington, DC, is the first and ONLY film festival which is dedicated to championing whistleblowers and the First Amendment through the power of the cinema. This event will intricately combine film screenings with insightful forums designed to educate the masses on how ultimately beneficial whistleblowing towards battling injustices in our society; in the case of “Media That Matters,” WSFF ‘24 will acknowledge and salute the effective marriage of whistleblowing and investigative journalists. 

The Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival is an annual civil and human rights conference that has become the largest gathering of whistleblowers, advocates, and supporters in the United States. Founded with the mission to celebrate the contributions and sacrifices of whistleblowers while connecting whistleblowing to global civil and human rights movements, the Summit & Film Festival has grown into a powerful platform for promoting transparency, accountability, and justice through filmmaking, advocacy, and education.

Founded by the ACORN 8, the Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival has fostered partnerships with numerous organizations and groups to amplify its impact and reach. These collaborations include working with the Justice Integrity Project, Federal Employed Women Legal Education Fund, USDA Coalition of Minority Employees, Coalition for Change Inc., National Judicial Conduct and Disability Law Project, Drum Majors for Truth, and Blacks In Government Heritage Chapter. Through these partnerships, the Summit & Film Festival has supported legislation, promoted cultural shifts in attitudes towards whistleblowers, and provided a platform for diverse voices within the whistleblower community.

In keeping with this year’s Investigative Journalism theme, WSFF 2024 will showcase the winning films to be screened on both our onsite and virtual lineups. This year’s hybrid festival is proudly sponsored and powered by Cemboo. Cemboo is the innovative platform which empowers film festivals and content owners to control, monetize, and distribute their digital media. All panels and films will be accessible virtually via Cemboo and on our website, 

Every year, the Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival showcases a special theme to explore different modes of whistleblowing in order to further broaden our audiences’ minds to many specific causes.

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