The WSFF Announces the 2023 Slate of Films and Screenplays for 11th Annual Film & Writing Competition

Pentagon Papers Whistleblower to be Remembered During 11th Annual Event Featuring Film Screenings, Screenplay Contest, and a Tribute to Famed Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg at the National Press Club.

Washington, DC - ACORN 8, in collaboration with the Justice Integrity Project, announced feature, documentary, short film, and screenplay selections premiering virtually at the Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival ( The hybrid event, set for July 22-30 in Washington, DC, will include live events and virtual screenings of featured films and panels. The theme for the annual conference is “Unraveling the Truth: 60 Years after the Assassination of JFK.” The annual festival is a globally recognized platform amplifying free speech, social justice, and civil & human rights advocacy. Festival passes, and single tickets are on sale now.

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The National Whistleblower Day (July 30) feature screenings include The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers. Additional screenings include District Insiders: Former JFK Secret Service Protector Describes Shocking JFK Assassination and other industry panels (filmmaker and screenwriter). This year's programming illuminates a wide array of storytelling that showcases the talent of writers and filmmakers alike.

"We are proud to be back live for the 11th year to bring audiences, both in-person and virtually, an inspiring selection of events celebrating free speech in all its forms "film, books, journalism, and advocacy," said Michael McCray, Managing Director. "We're thrilled to spotlight transformative storytelling that demonstrates the power of equity in entertainment media."

“We are honored to recognize Abraham Bolden (African American) an important JFK Secret Service Agent turned whistleblower at this year’s summit,” said Andrew Kreig, Executive Director for the Justice Integrity Project.

"We're excited to come together for the 11th year running to share unique and untold stories, showcasing diverse and inclusive content to the masses. This year's filmmakers are unmatched in their refreshing narratives," Marcel Reid, Festival Director. We are pleased to announce the 2023 Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival lineup:

Film Submissions:

Science for Hire – Directed by Gary Null, Ph.D.

Caller ID: Unknown – Directed by Konrad M Defang

The Poison Garden – Directed by Evellyn Santos, Chris Mancini

Just The Truth – Directed by Kevin Caraher

Manufacturing The Threat – Directed by Amy Miller

La Lucha: Getting Schooled in America – Directed by Joseph Rand Courtney

Unholy Master of Evil – Directed by Tony Moseley

At Your Cervix – Directed by A'magine

District Insiders: Former JFK Secret Service Protector Describes Shocking JFK Assassination Security, Current Implications – Directed by Andrew Kreig, Wayne Madsen

On a Knife's Edge Documentary – Directed by Jen Ayling

The illusion of abundance – Directed by Erika Gonzalez Ramirez, Matthieu Lietaert

The Sun Rises in The East – Directed by Tayo Giwa

Silver Dollar Group of the Ku Klux Klan – Directed by Dianne Andrews

On the Merits: Labor Trafficking – Directed by Josh Mccausland

The Unprincipled – Directed by Joan Montreull

A Better Place – Directed by Jennifer Fearnley

Dismissal Time – Directed by André Joseph

Incarcerated girls - escaping “honor” killings – Directed by Marja Grill, Fanny Renman

County – Directed by Fahim Hamid

My Empty Chair: The Jerroll Sanders Story – Directed by Andrew Tomlinson, Darnell Singleton

I am Kanaka – Directed by Genevieve Sulway

Listed – Directed by Leila Almawy

Ivy Grace – Directed by Allie Delury, Mariah Harkey

FREE(d) by Faith – Directed by Chase Kinney

The Rebellion – Directed by Gabriel Hostetler

Rich Appetites: The Foundation – Directed by Ashley Fent

The Rescue – Directed by Tess Cacciatore

Anti-Chevron Day 2022 with Human Rights Lawyer, Steven Donziger – Directed by Peter Menchini

Mystery Of Faith & Intention: Bruce Springsteen and I – Directed by Kathy Callahan

Counterterror – Directed by Yasmin M Neal


Reptile Logic – Written by Matthew Paul Wexler

The Corporate Klan – Written by Christopher Hood

Plenty of Fish – Written by Troy Bryant Lea

Reloved – Written by Ossie Sharon

The Pickleball Killer – Written by Jim Carroll

No Address – Written by Julia Verdin, James Papa

Proud Girls – Written by Leslie Flannery

The festival will be sponsored by Cemboo, a new platform which enables content owners to control, monetize and distribute their own digital media content. All panels and films will screen virtually through Cemboo.

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